Keynote speaker and Host
Owner and Chief Operating Officer, Delilah's Downloads

Delilah is a leader in the corporate arena and an entrepreneur.
She humbly shares her story on how she went "From 6 dollars to over 6 figures!"
She contributes her success to God's grace, hard work and favor.
She's always exited to share what she's learned with others, to better themselves and the communities they serve.


Alicia Stingley

Guest Speaker

Founder and Owner of Financial Formation, LLC

Financial Formation, LLC, a financial services firm offering coaching,

speaking, and education services to women, workplaces, and communities

around the country. The company takes a holistic approach to financial

education and believes that changing financial habits starts in the mind.

The company was created to empower people, particularly successful,

Generation X women, to make confident money decisions so they and

their families can live financially secure now, in the future and for generations to come.

A distinguished panel of motivated women will join us for this year's Yellow Dress Breakout Experience!


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Lynee Urban
Owner, Operation Fix my Life

Lyneè Urban is a certified Nutrition Consultant and Lifestyle Coach.
After discovering her purpose through health and wellness,
Lyneè developed a passion for seeing God's children healed and
restored physically, emotionally, and spiritually. She is a business owner,
a wife, and a mother to three wonderful girls.


Linda Hubbard, President & Co-Founder
BranLin SC Foundation(BSCF)

BCSF was established when Linda recognized how Sickle Cell Disease
had become the forgotten illness. She promotes awareness and educates
about the physiology of this life threatening blood disorder.
With God’s favor she assists those impacted by severe
health challenges of this devastating disease.


Kaneasha Starr
Owner, Starr Status Creations

Kaneasha Starr, a God-fearing woman, wife, mother and entrepreneur.
A Pivot Point International licensed cosmetologist of over 15 years has afforded
her to expanded her creativity to other things such as make up artistry.
Kaneasha’s passion for creativity also includes custom apparel,
glassware and home-made shea butters, in which
Starr Status Creations was birthed. - Phil 4:13

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Tawanna Devine
Owner and CEO, Devine Treatz

Celebrity Chef,  of Devine Treatz Inc.
located in the West Loop of Chicago, IL. Her dishes are easy, delicious
and will win your friends and loved ones over!
She brings a Southern Cajun Creole fusion with a twist!